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The path to justice

The campaign to oust Chief Justice Corona is understandably part of the quest to hold the Arroyo administration and its minions accountable to its crimes against the people. Corona has been blocking attempts to hold Arroyo responsible and has been providing legal maneuver for the former president.

However, while we want Arroyo to be brought to justice and be accountable for her crimes, we should also be wary and mindful of the motivations of the Aquino government. The recent impeachment case against Chief Justice Corona is a step towards justice and accountability, but also glaringly an illustration of contradictions among the elite and the ruling classes.

Aquino keeps on mentioning “reform” and “accountability” as reasons, but the more logical and obvious motive behind the Aquino government’s sudden impeachment case against Chief Justice Corona is the high court’s recent decision ordering the distribution of Hacienda Luisita.

If he really wanted accountability and justice he had more than a year to do it. He did nothing. Kumilos lang nung nasagasaan na ang interes niya.

While his current attack on the Supreme Court could be beneficial to the people’s quest for justice, we should have no illusions about the real intentions of the Aquino government. We should be vigilant and should be wary of Aquino forming a puppet court of his own and consolidating his Haciendero Republic.

Aquino is also obviously using the issue for his popularity and to cover-up his government’s inability to address poverty and hunger. Nagpapapogi para sa surveys at para pagtakpan ang lumalalang kahirapan, kagutuman at kawalan ng pagbabago sa ilalim ng kanyang pamamahala. By putting the spotlight on the Corona and the Arroyos, Aquino is trying to deflect public criticisms against its government and its unfulfilled promises of change.

The people should be vigilant and must remember that it was Arroyo, the government in power then, who pardoned the Estradas and helped them revive their political power. We must also remember that there has been a history of friendship between the Aquinos and the Arroyos, in fact, some of the current officials under Aquino were appointees of Arroyo before 2005 (will they be held accountable too?).

Let us not fall into the trap of the propagandists of the ruling clique who are trying to reduce the quest for justice into support for either Aquino or Arroyo. It is contemptible that the significance of noble endeavors like the struggle for accountability, justice, and good governance is being reduced into pa-cute soundbites and political fanfare.

We should question the government in power why cases charged against Arroyo are limited to electoral sabotage in 2007 elections. What happened to NBN-ZTE, fertilizer scam, corruption, human rights violations, and Hello Garci? These are the more significant crimes of Arroyo. Is Aquino giving Arroyo a way out?

Ultimately, the people want genuine change that will address poverty, inequality, joblessness and hunger. We must ask the magigitings: Why can’t government and its Congress exercise the same swiftness to stop oil price hikes and repeal oil deregulation law? Why can’t Aquino use the same power to pass important legislation to increase wages and implement genuine land reform?

We want real justice and real change for our nation. The peoples’ collective vigilance is key.

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