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LP is a party of trapos and opportunists, should change its name to KKK

As the Liberal Party (LP) celebrated its 66th anniversary last Saturday, Noynoy Aquino lauded his party and said the Corona impeachment is one of LP’s “brightest moments.”

This prompted me to post a question on Facebook as a status (a leading one of course):

“Brightest moment” daw ng LP at ng administrasyon ngayon. Complete the sentence: Ang makintab lang sa administrasyon ngayon ay ang ___________________ ng presidente.

Top answers: noo, bunbunan, ulo. Also mentioned: relos, Porsche, ngiping dilaw.

The other night I posted this one:

Complete the sentence: sa gubyernong Aquino, bawal ang corrupt at mapang-abuso. Pwera na lang kung ________________________

Top answers: kapartido ka, KKK, hindi katalo, Abad, Ochoa, etc. Some were more witty: Monday to Friday and kung corrupt at mapang-abuso ka.

The administration and the LP have nothing to be proud of. If they have proved anything during the past months under Aquino, it is the fact that the LP is a trapo, pro-elite, pro-landlord and pro-foreign big business party and is to blame for the lack of change in our country. The Filipino people under the “yellow sky” is more than ever hungry, poor and exploited.

The LP should be ashamed of themselves and stop trying to spin public opinion. If they think they have earned the trust of the people in their photo-op adventure these past months, they are mistaken.

Maybe they are delusional and they believe that the impeachment trial have given them popularity. However, while the people want Arroyo to be brought to justice, many distrust the administration party’s efforts as they see through Aquino’s pretenses and discover the ill-motives behind the campaign.

Many are not buying the Aquino line that Corona is primarily and solely the reason why Arroyo is still not in jail. The fact is that Aquino failed to file proper charges since taking power and still has not filed charges of plunder and human rights violations.

The impeachment campaign against Corona has, on the contrary, revealed the LP further as a party of trapos, opportunists and spin doctors, especially as the Cojuangcos filed a motion seeking a reversal of the ruling to distribute Luisita or ask an unreasonable sum of payment as “compensation” for the land.

The LP thus is turned into a cabal of gangsters protecting the president’s haciendero interests in Hacienda Luisita. They have tried to portray their moves as an effort to attain justice and accountability, but their actions prove otherwise. They are seen to be bungling the impeachement prosecution and have failed to file appropriate charges against Arroyo.

It is time that the administration party shed all pretenses and adopt the “KKK” as a new name: “Kabarkada, Kaklase at Kabarilan.”

Aquino and LP proved no different from Arroyo’s LAKAS-KAMPI. The current government continued the economic policies of the past administration and has brought the nation into deeper poverty. Prices are skyrocketing and more people are becoming poor. On the other hand, the oil cartel is being protected, big companies are being favored.

Things may be looking bright for the trapos in LP, but there is nothing bright about the conditions of the Filipino people.

Madilim ang sitwasyon para sa bayan, at nagdidilim na ang paningin ng masa kay Aquino at sa bulok na sist

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