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How the Palace can stop Noynoying


noynoying_in_the_rice_fieldsDespite the “working photos” the Palace have been feeding the media during the past few days and their PR blitz to try to respond to“noynoying,” the term has continued to make viral rounds in social networking sites and has now recently been brought to international attention via Wikipedia and the Wall Street Journal.

The more pikon the President gets about it and the more his PR team tries to deny and “disprove” noynoying, the more the term sticks. If their efforts were successful in one thing though, it is to have added a meaning to noynoying — “busy-busyhan” or acting as if doing something important.

There is no one Aquino can blame for the growing public perception that he is doing nothing for the people but himself. There is no denying that oil and commodity prices have been spiking and that no significant pro-people reform measure to address rising poverty and hunger has been presented, much less implemented by the current administration.

But in fairness to the president, he has not been entirely lazy and inept. He has in fact been masipag when it comes to protecting his family’s stake in Hacienda Luisita, defending his kaklase, kamag-anak, kaibigan andkabarilan, promoting the interests of the elite few and his foreign bosses.

Instead of photo releases and denials, here are some things the President can do immediately to stop noynoying:

  • Stop the successive oil price hikes and implement a significant rollback in overpriced fuel prices. Mobilize allies in the House of Representatives to scrap the Oil Deregulation Law and Value Added Tax on fuel.


  • Distribute Hacienda Luisita immediately and unconditionally, withdraw HLI motion for reconsideration and P10 billion “just compensation” and implement genuine land reform across the nation.


  • Implement a significant increase in wages. Call on Congress allies to immediately pass P125 wage hike bill.


  • Education for all: stop tuition hikes and drop-outs this year. Impose a moratorium on fee increases and order the scrapping of dubious and redundant school fees. Increase significantly the budget for state universities, colleges, public education in general and other social services.
  • End impunity and human rights violations, release all political prisoners, immediately prosecute and arrest military and police officers involved in violations of human rights and media killings. Pursue peace negotiations and work for a just and lasting peace, instead of military psy-war and terror.
  • Stop special treatment and political accomodation for Arroyo and other officials involved in corruption. Immediately file plunder and human rights cases against Arroyo. File charges and make accountable his kaklase, kamag-anak and kabarilan involved in anomalies. Pass the FOI bill in congress.
  • Don’t be such a US fanboy and stand up for PH sovereignty against US military intervention and plunder of resources. Say no to 6,000 more US troops and fulfill promise to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement. “Yung Pilipino walang lupa sa sariling bayan tapos pag dayuhan sige at papapayagan pang maghari-harian?”


  • Stop mining and foreign plunder of our natural resources. End violence against anti-mining advocates and provide swift justice for victims.

So far, there are no indications that the Palace will do anything other than PRs and publicity stunts. That means, and unfortunately for us, that noynoying is here to stay.




Its been more than a week since noynoying has been introduced to the public, and it is only getting more popular. The public will continue to embrace its use not only because it is amusing and clever, but more importantly because the President and his government have continued to do nothing to address its roots. Instead of listening and doing something about the nation’s woes, they have resorted to cheap PR spins and more noynoying.




The Palace should be thankful that the public is still laughing about his presidency. If they continue ignoring the people’s concerns, soon enough, there will be nothing left but anger.

As Bayan puts it aptly: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. However, Malacanang appears content with the fine art of doing nothing.


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