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“Home schooling?” OH REALLY NOW DepEd

Great idea DepEd. Congratulations! Kayo na ang 100% excellent.

DepEd and public schools forcing students to “home school” is tantamount to rejection and abandonment of responsibility to educate the Filipino youth.

“Home study” is actually short for “stay home and don’t study anymore.”

The fact that schools can no longer accommodate students exposes the falsity of DepEd claims that the education situation is improving and that the nation is ready for K12.

Instead of coming up with lame schemes and false propaganda, gov’t should give sufficient funds for education. The current P7 per student daily spending is far too small.

The Aquino administration should rechannel the additional “pabuya” pork barrel and corruption prone CCT dole out funds, as well as unneeded military funds to schools and education.

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One thought on ““Home schooling?” OH REALLY NOW DepEd”

  1. jazz says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Ang sarcastic lang grabe! Sir Vencer, why don’t you write more here in your blog? Huhuhu.

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