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Violent and bloody demolition at the Silverio Compound

  A resident was shot dead and more than 30 injured, many by gunfire, as police forces demolished homes and several commercial establishments in Silverio Compound, Paranaque City, April 23. News video footages anddocumentation by citizen media groups showed members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) armed

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Protests set as Senate railroads passage of 2012 budget

Organizations under Kilos Na Laban sa Budget Cuts alliance condemned the Senate’s passage of the 2012 national budget and called for nationwide protests against the “twisted (baluktot)” and “anti-people” budget of the Aquino government. Groups said Aquino allies in the Senate has “railroaded” the budget,

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Taking us for a ride

It is unfortunate that instead of seizing on the opportunity to really address the problem of oil price hikes and overpricing, President Noynoy Aquino chose to hold a a malicious media spin to try to stop the transport strike, put strike leader PISTON in a

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Epic Fail: 7 dahilan kung bakit bagsak ang unang taon ni Aquino

Wala nang talab ang mga retorika at punchlines, hindi na nakakatawa ang mga jokes, yung iba nakakarindi na matapos ang isang taon. Paano, marami sa mga binitiwang pangako ni Noynoy Aquino sa mga kabataan at mamamayan ay wala naman talaga ring pinuntahan, at napalala pa

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Noynoy, a year after

Among other things, he promised that under his government, the corrupt Arroyo administration will be held accountable. He promised a government that will no longer be “manhid (insensitive)” to the needs of the people and that the people will be “boss.” He boasted of a government which will tread the “tuwid na daan (straight path)” and that because of all this, “pwede na ulit mangarap (we can dream again)”.

Have things changed? Things have remained pretty much the same: the Arroyos are still in government, tuwid na daan has led to nowhere, but has brought KKK (Kaklase, Kabarilan, Kakampi) to power; and for the majority of the people who are as poor as ever, things have gone from bad to worse.

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Virtual Insanity

facebook-pageA few weeks ago, government chief peace negotiator Alex Padilla was quoted in a news report saying Facebook is “pushing rebels into oblivion.” According to him, rebellious young people are now venting their sentiments on Facebook and thus has curtailed the pool of new recruits of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army. Left alone, he said, the insurgency would eventually die a natural death and the role of the peace talks today is to speed up that process.

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Gov’t must take steps to stop skyrocketing oil prices

Since the start of the year, oil pump prices have increased 11 times; diesel for a total of P8.10 per liter, P6.10 per liter for gasoline, and P7.50 per liter for kerosene. Prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have also increased three times since March