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Build a Bright future! Youth Unite Against Imperialism and All Reaction!

(Contribution to the International League of People’s Struggles Workshop on Youth Education and Employment, July 2011)

We, youth from different nations, organizations and alliances declare our unity and solidarity against imperialism and its continuing attacks on the youth and the people. We are outraged by the fact that ever greater number of young people are being deprived of their right to education, decent jobs and just wages.

We want a bright future for the youth and for the people and we refuse to continue living in the worsening poverty, inequality and oppression perpetuated by imperialism and their agents.

The current crisis of world capitalist system is deepening and worsening, with imperialism unable to resolve the crisis of overproduction as a result of the contradiction between the social character of production and private appropriation of wealth.

The crisis cause tremendous suffering for the people and the youth especially as the policies of neoliberal globalization further presses down wages, cuts social spending, privatizes services, pushes prices of basic commodities up. This, while imperialists use public money to bail out banks, and fund wars of terror.

The diminishing state subsidy to schools and privatization of education, on top of the intensifying commercialization of tertiary education worsens the youths’ plight. Commercialization has led to rising tuition, cutbacks on classes, and less resources for students while the capitalist-educators continue to profit from the pockets of students.

The majority of young people cannot reach secondary and tertiary education due to poverty. There are also high dropout rates, which produces a large youth labor reserve used by the capitalists to depress wages and deny job security. Many youths are forced to work at an early age at the farms and factories to compensate their families’ income.

Today with one voice we say: the youth will not stand idly by as policies of neoliberal globalization attack the majority of people, and drive them into further poverty in favor of big banks and corporations. We will fight of our rights, we will fight for ours and the peoples’ welfare.

No more budget cuts on education and social services! Stop tuition hikes! No more out of school youths! We want free and relevant education for all! Increase workers wages! Stop contractualization! End labor export! Down with imperialism!

Today we unite in struggle for a new world. We express our utmost commitment to link arms with the masses and take up our role in social change. Through militant, dedicated struggle, together with the masses, we can truly say proclaim that as young people, the future is ours.

Imperialism and the reactionaries want the young people to believe that there is no more hope. They say this is the end of history. They propagate apathy and despair. They want the youth to give up and surrender.

Today, we tell them again, as we always told them every time we stand up through our mass actions, sit-ins, strikes, occupations, demonstrations, uprisings: they are delusional to think that they can have the young people on their side. The youth will stand for change, the youth will stand for the oppressed, for they also are oppressed, and with the masses, will defeat imperialism and all reaction. Their time is up! Our time is now!

We are calling on our fellow youths: let us reach out to hundreds upon hundreds, thousands upon thousands, millions upon millions of young people. Arouse, organize and mobilize against Imperialism and link arms with the masses and the most oppressed.

We must intensify political education and anti-imperialist propaganda. Let us propagate the progressive and anti-imperialist line and analysis among the youth. In order to organize and mobilize the youth in ever greater numbers, we must conduct massive political education and propaganda campaigns. We should study the concrete situation and demands of the youths from different regions, nations and sectors and propagate apt slogans and calls.

Let us maximize all means to reach the youth: study circles, discussion groups, written and visual publications, traditional media, cultural forms, social media and the internet.

We must organize the youth in their millions. We must recruit into our mass organizations the millions of young people who are being aroused and form mass organizations where there are none. Let us reach out to different youth organizations, networks and individuals and recruit them into ILPS, local chapters and various organizations. Youth organizations can help in forming unions, peasant associations, and peoples organizations.

We must mobilize the youth in ever greater numbers. The organized youth must reach out to millions of unorganized through alliances, movements and networks to mobilize the youth and people against the attacks of imperialism and various struggles. We must make sure to recruit and organize the youth and masses joining mobilizations and taking action.

Through our collective struggle, a new world, a bright future awaits.

The future is ours! Build a bright future! Down with imperialism! Long live international solidarity!

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