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Dear Senator Drilon, Congressman Tupas and the rest of the 189: Please sign the waivers

The 188 congressmen and Senator Franklin Drilon should take up the challenge of Chief Justice Corona to sign the waivers authorizing various entities to disclose to the public their bank accounts and financial records.

corona_day_40_impeachment_trialIn his testimony in the Senate Impeachment Court, Corona signed a waiver allowing banks, government offices and institutions to release to the public his accounts, assets and financial records under the condition that the 188 congressmen who signed the fast-tracked impeachment complaint against him and administration Senator Franklin Drilon sign the waiver as well.

Moment of truth

“I am humbly asking all 188 complainants from the House of Representatives, led by the congressmen in the prosecution panel, and Senator Franklin Drilon, to join me in a moment of truth,” Corona said, easily toppling Lady Gaga’s “I am not a creature of your government”

quote as political soundbite of the week.

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Violent and bloody demolition at the Silverio Compound

  A resident was shot dead and more than 30 injured, many by gunfire, as police forces demolished homes and several commercial establishments in Silverio Compound, Paranaque City, April 23. News video footages anddocumentation by citizen media groups showed members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) armed

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On the “bikini pics” issue and campus democratic rights

  It is not surprising that the public is outraged upon news of moves of certain schools to impose grave sanctions upon their students, among them, barring these students from graduation, because of belief by some administrators that they have committed acts “offensive to the schools’ values,”

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The continuing injustice in Luisita and why armed revolution rages on

  Various groups have condemned the recent arrest of farmworkers of Hacienda Luisita and the continuing harassment being done against them in the course of their continuing fight for land ownership and justice. The family of President Benigno Aquino III should stop the harassmentagainst the farmworkers and immediately

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Econoynoying: Malacanang math on wage hike erroneous

  It’s either a case of poor math or malicious data deception. Or both. In an attempt to undermine calls to increase wages amidst rising commodity prices, the President, through Malacanang spokespersons,presented data indicating that a P125 across the board increase in daily wages will cost

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How the Palace can stop Noynoying

  Despite the “working photos” the Palace have been feeding the media during the past few days and their PR blitz to try to respond to“noynoying,” the term has continued to make viral rounds in social networking sites and has now recently been brought to international attention via

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What you need to know about #Noynoying

Here are some basics to sharpen your noynoying knowledge. What is Noynoying? According to youth group Anakbayan: Planking is out, noynoying is in. Just sit or lie on the ground and do nothing. A Guide to Noynoying has also been released: A guide to #Noynoying 1) Get a

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March 15 is ‘Day of Rage’ vs oil price hikes

Various organizations are calling for campus and workplace walk-outs, mass actions and assemblies nationwide against oil price hikes on Thursday, March 15. In a unity statement, about a hundred groups under “Kilos na Kontra Kartel at Overpricing sa Langis” urged the youth and people to