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Aquino gov’t and minions suffering from ‘liarrhea’

As expected, Malacanang and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) issue lies and cover-up in response to nationwide strikes and protests against meager spending for state universities and colleges (SUCs), education and social services were increased.

It seems the Aquino gov’t and its spokespersons are suffering from ‘liarrhea.’ They keep on spewing crappy lies and lame excuses to cover up for their ineptitude.

The National Expenditure Program (NEP), available in the DBM website clearly indicates a decrease in the direct allocation for SUCs. Whatever claims they are saying re supposed increase in SUC budget does not reflect on official budget for SUCs submitted to congress.

Click here to view NEP for SUCs via DBM website: and see for yourself.

Furthermore, fifty schools will have their total budget slashed by a combined P569.8 million, 45 will have cuts in their MOOE funds by P250.9 million, and 58 will have cuts in Personal Services (PS) by P403.3 million. Budget allotted for Capital Outlay is zero.

Misleading “increases”

The funds the government claims to have “added” to SUCs are not directly allotted to them and will not be under the control of the schools.

As admitted by Abad, the P500 million allotted for CHED is ‘to make sure that the curricula of SUCs are focused on the priority areas for economic development.’ This means that CHED funds are conditional — to say that these will compensate for cuts in the MOOE  for schools is grossly misleading. Abad also uses the same tactic to cover up the zero allotment for capital outlay of SUCs.

Part of the “increase” is actually allocated under the Miscellaneaous Personnel Benefits Funds (MPBF), which the DBM has the sole discretion to disburse. The MPBF has previously been assailed as “dictatorial” by senators and the judiciary.

The MPBF fund, which is supposedly allocated for personal services, technically and practically removes from SUCs the prerogative to allot the meager funds to where they are truly needed.

This puts SUCs at the mercy of the DBMs bureaucratic caprice and whims. This will be a pork barrel for Malacanang and DBM.

Senate support

In a statement, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said that the lump sum funds allotted to CHED and the MPBF should be directly allotted to SUCs.

Read Cayetano’s statement here:

“It is a lump sum, it has the possibility of being used as a pork barrel of maybe Malacanang, or maybe CHED. Bakit hindi nalang natin kunin yung P500M at ibigay directly sa mga SUCs? Why would they have to plead with CHED for them to implement programs na magaganda?” he said.

Cayetano said he supports the SUCs call for higher state subsidy and will push for amendments during the Senate hearing.

“Look at the statistics. They’re right. We’re wrong. Sila ang tama na dapat dagdagan ang pondo, at ang gobyerno ang mali na hindi dinadagdagan ang pondo,” he said.

The Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges has requested P45 billion for 2012, government only proposed P21 billion.

Valte should go back to school

The suggestion of Presidetial spokesperson Abigail Valte for the students to “focus on their studies” instead of protesting is arrogant and ill-natured. She is clearly a brat who knows nothing about activism, defending the right to education and the right of the people to free education.

Students should focus on studies? Valte should focus on her make-up. The trying hard private-school groomed brats in Malacanang do not know what they are talking about. They should go back to school and learn proper values of humility and honesty. Students nationwide sacrifice their time and classes to wake the government up, Malacanang insults them and their intelligence by saying they should go home and study. How very “people power” of them.

Government should just correct its crime instead of making excuses and lying.

Lying and covering up will only make mattters worse. We must call on DBM and congress to restore the direct cuts for 2012 and 2011, and increase the funds for SUCs substantially. Numbers-gimmickry and technocrat jargon cannot belie the fact that budget allocation for SUCs is unjustly insufficient while funds for debt servicing, military, corruption, privatization and dole-outs enjoy the biggest chunks of the pie.

Kapatid ng magnanakaw ang sinungaling. 

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