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Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

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Dear Senator Drilon, Congressman Tupas and the rest of the 189: Please sign the waivers

The 188 congressmen and Senator Franklin Drilon should take up the challenge of Chief Justice Corona to sign the waivers authorizing various entities to disclose to the public their bank accounts and financial records.

corona_day_40_impeachment_trialIn his testimony in the Senate Impeachment Court, Corona signed a waiver allowing banks, government offices and institutions to release to the public his accounts, assets and financial records under the condition that the 188 congressmen who signed the fast-tracked impeachment complaint against him and administration Senator Franklin Drilon sign the waiver as well.

Moment of truth

“I am humbly asking all 188 complainants from the House of Representatives, led by the congressmen in the prosecution panel, and Senator Franklin Drilon, to join me in a moment of truth,” Corona said, easily toppling Lady Gaga’s “I am not a creature of your government”

quote as political soundbite of the week.