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Daily Archives: September 11, 2010

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Aquino’s K12 Program: wrong solution to education woes

school-children1The plan to add two years to the basic education cycle, banner program of the Aquino administration, will surely be met by opposition from different student groups, parents, teachers and educators. The push for the implementation of the program despite widespread protests against it exposes the Aquino’s stubborn governance framework.

Not a few have spoken out against this plan. It should be remembered that this program was already proposed in 2004 as the “Bridge Program” under the Arroyo administration and was junked. The plan was withdrawn after it was met with protests by students, parents, teachers and educators.

Proponents of course, now try to deny this fact by claiming that Arroyo then withdrew the plan mainly because of political considerations. But they are only trying to fool themselves as this spin won’t be enough to erase the fact that this fantasy project of theirs has already been rejected by the broad public.